Artsy Quotes

I’ve been posting artist quotes on my Facebook page and in my email signatures lately, particularly since I decided to take the plunge and start considering my art (and myself as an artist) more seriously.

What I had discovered then, to absolutely no one’s surprise, is that there was a distinctive lack of diversity among the historical artists we generally think of as “The Masters” in western history. So, every week I start off my Monday with a little bit of  research into artists who are not typically included in quick lists of the greats.

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Proxy Art

I’ve been working on a project to “perform” at my friends’ Micro Variety Show next week.

Let’s be clear: I’m not a performer. I’m more like a goof with a high tolerance for embarrassment. I’m an educator who likes to make things fun.

So my “performance” will be more like launching my first slow connection, collaborative art project, Tiny Sketchbook Mini-Festo. More on that here.

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